Quick Service & Fast Casual Restaurant POS

Quick service is all about speed; shouldn’t your POS be able to keep up? We think so, and that’s why our Software is designed for and by restaurant staff to meet the specific needs of your QSR or fast casual restaurant.

Quick service and counter-service restaurants move fast.

Increase Sales

  • Increase Your Average Check Size 

    Help staff increase average check size and move more profitable items with smart upsell tools like automatic modifier prompts and Self Order Kiosks

  • Take More Orders, Faster 

Take iPads out into the line to move it faster than ever, or easily add more registers without increasing your front-of-house labor cost with Our Kiosk

  • Promote When – and How – You Want To 

    With promotions, you can easily set up deals and discounts that apply automatically to drive business while you use the customer facing displays to display and move high-margin menu items

Improve Service

With our easy-to-use interface and straight-forward tools, you can reduce training time, limit errors, and improve your operations. 

  • Streamline Payment 

    Cash out customers quickly with our predictive quick cash buttons that predict likely tender amounts, or take ApplePay, AndroidPay, and chip cards with just a tap. 

  • Reduce Ordering Errors 

    Save big money by reducing errors using quick voids that send to the kitchen automatically and pair the POS with the  Customer-Facing Display to let patrons prevent order errors, too. 

  • Bulletproof Your Back of House 

    Track ingredient inventory to avoid disappointing patrons by running out of stock, while improving your bottom line by identifying – and eliminating – waste.

Inform Decisions

We designed our Pos to help you make business decisions with the right data, from wherever, whenever. 

  • Drive Decisions with Data 

    Know when to bring on more staff, run promos, and which items are making you the most money with our suite of restaurant success reports. 

  • Stay in the Know Anywhere You Are 

    Access reporting and analytics from anywhere, at anytime with cloud reporting and the Reports-To-Go app. 

  • Let the System Do the Data Crunching 

    Automatically send out reports on a schedule to your team and extend your restaurant data to your accounting system without any of the manual heavy lifting.

Drive up sales and customer count with ClousPos Loyalty.

ClousPos Loyalty is seamlessly integrated into the TouchBistro POS to help quick service restaurants increase revenue per customer.

  • We can design and print your personalised gift and loyalty cards

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