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WiFi guest access

Set up networks with password-based access, open access, and with captive portal for paid of free WiFi. When the stock firmware of the access point is replaced, the captive portal functionality is automatically enabled on the device.

Independently from your business model, Tanaza allows you to fully manage and monitor your guest WiFi access via the cloud.

Captive Portal

What is the captive portal?

The captive portal is the web page the user sees before accessing a public Wi-Fi network. It is also known as splash page, login page, splash portal and landing page. Through this web page, users can authenticate themselves and register to the WiFi network using their personal credentials.

What is the function of the captive portal?

The captive portal enables users to access wireless networks and connects itself to a Radius server in which access data is saved.
The captive portal can be used as a marketing tool to collect data and segment users, so that businesses that provide Wi-Fi to their clients can collect useful data and segment it for their marketing campaigns.
Last but not least, the captive portal can be used to communicate information, insert audio-video advertisement and other similar content that will be seen by users during the authentication process.

Splash Page Editor

Whatever the login method you choose, building a mobile-ready splash page for your users’ authentication is extremely easy, thanks to the “Wifi Smart Editor”.

The editor allows you to drag and drop ready-made elements to your splash page, add a new login method in a matter of seconds, personalise your splash page, and make it multi-lingual.

This editor also allows you to set terms and conditions, so that you can make your WiFi network fully compliant with the currently applicable laws. You can see a preview of how your responsive captive portal will appear to users, and also simulate the whole authentication process.

Analytics Dashboard

All information and data captured about WiFi clients is stored within Wifi Smart's analytics dashboard, an intuitive web-based tool to access your social stats and clients’ contact details. The dashboards helps you analysing data and discovering how to better engage your customers with your brand.

It also helps you show ROI to your end user customers, for example, by determining how many new contacts were gathered through WiFi each month, and how much was saved in advertising, thanks to our features for Social WiFi.

Enhanced User Experience

Thanks to the “Remember me” feature, all clients can re-connect seamlessly when returning to a location they have visited in the past.

With Tanaza’s hotspot roaming capabilities, customers do not get disconnected when they move within a location with multiple access points, as they remain seamlessly connected throughout the venue.

Enable roaming on your networks, even if they aren’t made of enterprise access points. If you use a UniFi Outdoor outside your venue and some TP-Links for indoor Wi-Fi, the clients roam seamlessly inside and outside your venue without seeing the splash page after the authentication.

Integrations & API

You can leverage new contacts and new generated data in 3 ways:

  • For email marketing, using Wifi Smart's Mailchimp connector, which sends opted-in email addresses directly to your Mailchimp account;

  • To measure your social wifi results and run high-ROI marketing and sales campaigns on your lists, by exporting them to any third party marketing platform or CRM, in csv format;

  • To set up your own integration with any third party system using Our “Push notifications” APIs. In the past, our customers have used this feature to integrate Wifi smart with Zendesk, Salesforce, Marketo, ConstantContact, SendinBlue, Sendgrid, Fidelio, Opera, Plivo, and many others.

Thanks to these integrations and APIs, you can access your WiFi clients’ data from anywhere, and use it in creative and useful ways to create your own unique application.

Web Filtering

When deploying a Wi-Fi network in a public place, such as a school, a shopping mall or a restaurant, it is critical to offer a secure browsing experience to all users.

This is why Wifi Smart's feature a cutting-edge integrated network content filter, that blocks users from accessing inappropriate or unauthorized websites and applications while using your Wi-Fi network. This filter blocks malware pages and can function as a parental control software tool, as well.

Who We Serve

From Bars & Restauarants, Hotels and B&B's, Offices, School's, Retail Shops. We can help you leverage the power of the Wifi Smart Platform.


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