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Online Ordering Systems Are Not All Equal


Optimized for mobile devices

Whether from a smartphone, PC or tablet, your customers will enjoy a pleasant browsing experience on your website.

Customisable themes

To quickly get started without having to fork out, adopt one of our predefined themes and simply customise the banner, content and colours.

Tailored design

For a more personalized approach, call on the services of our graphic designers and developers. We offer a number of plans, from simply customising the colours to creating a bespoke site in line with your specifications.


Open 24/7

Your site can take pre-orders, even before your restaurant opens for business. Your customers can place orders hours or even days in advance.

POS integration

LivePepper integrates with existing POS solutions. If your solution is compatible, you will receive orders directly in it.

Standalone solution

LivePepper can be used as a standalone solution thanks to software that allows you to receive orders in just a few seconds in your restaurant.

Online payment

Accept online payments, whatever bank you use. Alternatively, if you use PayPal, you can be up and running without even having to notify your bank.

Delivery areas

Choose the sectors to which you can deliver. Set the minimum order amount for each area.

Free delivery

Increase the average basket by offering free delivery over a minimum order amount. Or offer free delivery for orders placed before a certain time.

Annual vacation

Schedule your leave or absences: your customers will be informed in advance and will thus benefit from a fully reliable service.

In case of an emergency…

You can deactivate the online ordering facility in just a click in the event of any unforeseeable event. Your customers will still have access to your site where they can stay informed.


Manage your menu

Create and update your menu whenever you like using our intuitive interface. Any changes you make will appear immediately on your site.

Portions and ingredients

Let your customers create their own dishes. You can sell different portions/sizes of each and every product, with extras or options. Ingredients can be removed.


Tempt your customers by offering bundles that include a drink or dessert. The price of a bundle is calculated automatically in line with the items selected.


Add mouth-watering pictures of your products to whet your customers' appetites.


If a product is no longer available, remove it from your site in just a click until it is resupplied.

Organize your products

Organize your products by category for easy, intuitive browsing. A system of tags can be used to highlight certain products: new items, gluten-free products, special offers, and so on.


Loyalty programme

Your customers can cumulate points which they can subsequently use to benefit from reductions or free items. Your site manages your loyalty programme automatically; customers can thus consult the number of points acquired at all times.


Your site benefits from a highly flexible system for managing promotions: percentage discounts, fixed-sum discounts, free items, etc.


Attract new customers by publishing coupon codes on your Facebook page or in your media campaigns.

Google Adwords

The Adwords service distributes your advertising campaigns in your catchment area. Sales made are fed back to Adwords to analyse the return on investment.

Facebook Ads

Gauge the yield of your Facebook advertising by feeding back visits and orders to Facebook.

Search Engine Optimization

Your site is optimized so that it figures prominently among the first results on search engines. Better visibility generates more visits, which means more orders for your restaurant.


At the end of an order, your site prompts the visitor to add extra products based on an analysis of their basket.

Personalized e-mail

Order confirmation e-mails can be personalized: invite your customers to take a quick satisfaction survey, recommend your restaurant or win a free coupon.



Track your online sales or the results of your marketing campaigns in real time.

Data export

Export your customer and order base in standard formats for analysis using Excel or your marketing software.


Optico provides improved call tracking of your communication campaigns by determining the source of phone calls. Optico works on the basis of a pool of phone numbers.

Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to obtain a detailed analysis of your visitors' behaviour: average basket, source of visits, efficiency of advertising campaigns, etc.


Centralized system

A single ordering site for all your sales outlets, with centralized management of content, products and marketing.

A single customer file

Your customers can retain their loyalty points and purchase history when they order at a different restaurant.

Back office manager

Your managers benefit from access to a limited back office to consult orders and adjust their outlet's settings.

National or local promotions

You can choose to make promotional offers immediately available across your network. Alternatively, you can launch an offer specific to a given sales outlet.

Prices and availability

Different outlets can apply different prices, and mark certain products or extras as unavailable.

Tailored development

Our graphic designers and developers can help you set up features specific to your brand.


Domain name

All our plans include the booking of your domain name. Obviously, you can use your existing domain name if you already have one.

HTTPS/SSL certificate

Secure your site using an HTTPS address. We will take care of booking and renewing your SSL certificate.

Data backup

Your site and your customer data are secure: all your data is backed up twice a day on a remote data centre.

99.98% availability

Our servers are constantly monitored. If necessary, we will act quickly so that your site is always online.

Open platformAPI for developers With its open API, your online ordering site can be integrated in any ordering solution, mobile app or marketing software. If you use an external solution, it will receive your online orders and your customer data in real time.Open platform for graphic designers You can entrust the creation of your online ordering site to the designer of your choice. Our platform allows designers to work directly on your site's code, all the while benefiting from LivePepper's features and hosting.

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