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System Features

Real Time Reporting

A host of web-based reports that are instantly available and accessible anywhere, at anytime.

Customer Data

Identify, capture and reward your best customers with built-in functionality for loyalty schemes, CRM and social media.

Delivery Management

Optimise your operations from door to door

Expand your business with Delivery Management tools that enable you to accept, manage, and track delivery orders from your POS.

  • Provide intelligent customer service

  • Access delivery data in real-time

  • Partner with a delivery integration to reach a larger audience

Inventory Management

Track your inventory in real-time so you know what to reorder and when.

Whether in store or on the go, confidently manage your inventory.

  • Manage complex matrix inventories

  • Stay ahead with low stock alerts

  • Manage on the go with Revel’s Inventory App

Employee Management

Manage all aspects of your workforce from one console and streamline your administrative paperwork, allowing you to focus on big picture items.

  • Create and modify schedules for each employee

  • Assign roles and permissions to your employees

  • Track overtime and export data to your accounting software

Integrated Online Ordering

Give your customers the flexibility to order online at their convenience. Get more orders, gain loyal customers, and increase revenue with online ordering. 

  • Build Brand Equity

  • Maintain consistency with in-store offerings

  • Provide a seamless omnichannel experience

Mobile Order Taking

Take orders table side and send them directly to the kitchen with our integrated mobile iPad ordering system

  • Improve speed

  • Reduce mistakes

  • Develop up selling

  • See real time table ordering

Floor Plan and Table Management

Lay out your entire restaurant, take orders by table, move parties around freely, manage multiple sections and floors easily. Easily switch layouts at the touch of a button.

Mobile Payment Processing

Taking payment at the table is no longer a futuristic fantasy: it’s here and it’s what your customers are expecting. That’s why CloudPos lets you take credit, debit, or cash with just a tap of the screen and a tap of the card.


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